Features from the International Journalism Festival 2017

Once a year, Perugia (Italy) hosts the International Journalism Festival, the biggest annual media event in Europe. Hundreds of speakers from all over the world meet in the historical centre of Perugia to discuss about journalism or present innovative media projects. This year, I have had the honour to be part of the team behind the festival as a writer of the Web Magazine. This is a compilation of the stories I covered and the interviews I conducted. (más…)

Love across the borders: free movement for rainbow families in the EU

The legal definition of “family” varies across the different countries of the European Union. Although love is the same around the continent, rights to couples are not the same. In the European Union, there are thousands of rainbow families, meaning families formed by LGTBI community mebers. These differences affect directly to freedom of mouvement for these families, one of the pillars in which the European citizenship is based. (más…)

‘Once there’

The World has seen the largest exodus in its recent history in the past few years . Millions of people fleeing their countries because of war, poverty and hunger. Hundreds of thousands of them have arrived in Europe seeking for asylum. We have seen dozens of pictures of dead bodies floating in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas, precarious vessels arriving in Greece and Italy, tired people crossing roads in Macedonia, Serbia or Austria… But what happens next? How is life for asylum seekers once they arrive to their destination country? (más…)

‘Nuit Debout’: viaje al centro de la indignación francesa

Cuando Passynia se manifestó junto a miles de parisinos en la Plaza de la República contra ‘La Ley El Khomri’ el pasado 31 de marzo, pensó que las movilizaciones durarían, a lo sumo, tres o cuatro días. Hoy, quince después, es uno de los integrantes de la Comisión de Vivienda, una de las muchas que han surgido en esta ‘Noche en Pie’ eterna que vive París desde entonces. (más…)

Idomeni: life on the border

Idomeni is a tiny Greek village nearby the border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), barely travelled because of the tense relations between both countries until 2015. Since almost a year, Idomeni is also the biggest improvised refugee camp in Europe. More than 15.000 people live in precarious tents close by the railroad tracks or on the mud. (más…)

París 13N, Bruselas 22M: el terrorismo golpea el corazón de Europa

Desde enero de 2015, 182 personas han sido asesinadas en tres atentados entre París y Bruselas. El terrorismo yihadista golpea Europa. Recupero una selección de los reportajes publicados durante la cobertura de los atentados del 13 de noviembre en París y el 22 de marzo en Bruselas publicados en y La Razón. (más…)

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